New CEO May Help Canonical's Open-source Servers Biz

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 15, 2010

Mark Shuttleworth as your backer is a bit like having money in the bank, and according to The Register it is a rare combination, and one that has allowed the Ubuntu project to reach out from its Linux desktop beginnings into commercial servers.

Shuttleworth may be Dictator For Life at the Ubuntu project, but may not be the best person to lead Canonical.

"The Canonical business is like a three-legged stool. The OEM Services group is the largest part of Canonical, according to Silber, and it works with OEMs and other hardware suppliers to get the Ubuntu variant of Debian Linux installed on machines of all shapes and sizes (netbooks, desktops, servers). The Corporate Services group works primarily with companies - but also with governments and educational institutions - to sell them tools and services that help them better deploy Ubuntu in their organizations.

"So money garnered through the Landscape online Ubuntu patching and management service plus tech support and training relating to the Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server distros comes from this group. The final group - and the newest unit and one that Silber established - is the Online Services group, which distributes some free as well as fee-based consumer-facing services. These include the Ubuntu One storage utility, which debuted last fall with Ubuntu 9.10 and which will be soon expanded with Ubuntu 10.4 to include the Ubuntu One Music Store, the Canonical equivalent to iTunes done in partnership with London-based online music distributor 7digital."

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