Evaluate Data Center Management and Performance

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 15, 2010

As many enterprises upgrade the data center, the adoption of blindly increasing the number of servers needed for development to meet current business may not be good data center management. As noted in this SkyView post, the large number of servers combined with no scientific and rational management of scheduling tools, making the performance of the entire data center greatly reduced.

When it comes to data canter management topics, how does one rate high-performance?

"To measure data center performance, the third criterion is whether a simple and efficient data center management capabilities. Increasingly large scale in the data center, if you do not improve data center management capabilities, comprehensive data center full schedule of the resources, then such a data center performance and should not be regarded as good, especially with the number of servers increased, the increasing complexity of virtualized environments, data center power consumption data center managers to increase their server utilization, server power consumption, set a huge challenge to the occasion. Therefore, only by adopting more efficient data center management can enable data centers to reach a higher level of performance."

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