Make Windows Home Server a Small Business Server

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Posted Mar 12, 2010

Considering how important a genuine server is, it is surp[rising to learn that a number of small businesses still don't use one. According to this Small Business Computing report, the Windows Home Server is more than just a low-end consumer product. Based on the wildly successful Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system, WHS provides small and home businesses with many of the same features found in high-end network servers, but at about a quarter of the cost.

Surprisingly, a number of small businesses still don't use a server. Using Windows Home Server as your starter Small Business Server is a good way to get started.

"A few years ago Microsoft introduced Windows Home Server (WHS). This operating system has modest hardware requirements and acts as a central data store for all of your digital media, making it easy to access files, photos, videos and music from any PC on your network. As the name implies, this product was developed for a home with multiple PCs.

"The server was designed to make it very easy to perform numerous tasks that once may have been considered beyond the technical knowledge and skills of the average consumer. WHS consolidates all of the complex administration utilities used on a typical server -- such as the capability to manage disks and create users -- into a single, simplified interface. Numerous wizards walk you through most of the tasks you might need to perform, such as backing up your data, creating and sharing folders for storing and streaming your digital content, and securing your data through restricted user accounts."

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