Rackwise Announces New Version of Data Center Management Software

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 11, 2010

According to the company, RACKWISE Data Center Manager (DCM) Version 3.5 allows users to customize RACKWISE to their needs and integrate with best of breed solutions already in their data center or network operations. As noted in the press release on Earth Times, Version 3.5 enhances RACKWISE DCM with the addition of many new features.

Data Center Management leader, Rackwise, has announced version 3.5 of its Data Center Manager (DCM) software.

"Version 3.5 enhances RACKWISE DCM with the addition of many new features, as well as significant advancements to the DCM’s existing feature set. RACKWISE DCM v3.5 provides organizations the ability to:

"DATA CENTER OPTIMIZATION: Optimize the data center by locating servers with low CPU utilization, recognize top power/space/heat consumption devices, and correlate those devices to the applications and business services they support. Decommission and commission devices according to most significant savings and ROI.

"ENHANCED POWER MANAGEMENT: Simulate failure of critical components (power source, UPS, PDU, circuit) and determine the corresponding impact to systems, applications, business services and other user defined entities."

Read the Full Press Release at Earth Times

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