IBM eX5 Improves Virtualization Environments, Reduces Server Sprawl

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 10, 2010

After a three-year engineering investment by IBM, the new eX5 systems improve the economics of operating enterprise-sized, x86-based systems. By creating a highly virtualized environment, the company claims the new eX5 systems can reduce the number of servers needed by half, cut storage costs by 97 percent and licensing fees by 50 percent. As noted in this Network World article, IBM has expanded the capabilities of the x86 platform by decoupling memory from its traditional, tightly bound place alongside the server's processor to ensure that companies don't have to buy another server to support growing memory-intensive workloads.

IBM's eX5 servers offer a number of attractive features for highly virtualized environments.

"The IBM eX5 systems have been used by Acxiom, a provider of interactive marketing services that serves a range of clients including the top 10 retail banks and nine of the top 10 auto makers.

"Acxiom has used the IBM solution to double its virtualization capacity, and dropped its software licensing costs. The company's CIO David Guzman noted that IBM has allowed it to double its virtualization capacity, and reduced its software licensing costs."

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