Data Center Management Software Tracks Unmetered Equipment

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 10, 2010

Calling its software-only enterprise management technology 'non-invasive', Sentilla Energy Manager 3.0 is designed for IT managers looking to get a better handle on energy in the data center. As mentioned in this Cleantech Group story, the solution measure and report energy use of assets in real-time, and monitors power consumption of unmetered assets based on estimates of the data center’s energy consumption.

Sentilla has launched the newest version of its data center management energy technology solution.

"'What the Sentilla Energy Manager 3.0 revision is really tackling is IT managers looking to get a better handle on energy,' he said. 'They would like to manage energy the same way they manage their other assets'.

"The non-invasive software is unique in that it tracks power use of all the data center’s assets, including metered and unmetered equipment."

Read the Full Story at Cleantech Group

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