Fujitsu to Produce Zero Client Desktop Virtualization Monitor

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 9, 2010

Under its new partnership with Pano, Fujitsu says it will produce a monitor that contains everything embedded in the monitor stand that used to be contained in the little gray Pano Logic box. As noted in this Information Week story, Fujitsu's monitor will contain connectors to the network, the keyboard and mouse. This approach eliminates even the tiny square device that Pano normally sells.

Fujitsu has teamed up with Pano Logic on the 'zero client' approach to desktop virtualization.

"When Pano Logic first came out with its end point device, it charged $300 for it. That's kind of pricey for something with no processor, no memory, etc. The box was covered in chrome, so maybe that was reason it cost as much as a well equipped thin client. Today it charges $1,895 for a five-seat starter kit, which presumably includes the virtualization software for the server and the Pano Manager appliance device. That still leaves the charge at $379 per end user. Adding end users in any desktop virtualization approach will tend to drive down the price per user."

Read the Full Story at Information Week

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