Server Consolidation Barriers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 8, 2010

Enterprises have embraced virtualization as a way to consolidate hardware, and use cloud computing for converged networking and flexible data environments. This IT Business Edge special report identifies seven barriers to increased consolidation that organizations need to overcome.

How to embrace virtualization without busting the budget.

"I/O Constraints -- Virtual environments can easily accommodate higher consolidation ratios, but the rest of the data center might not. Whether you have 10, 20 or 100 VMs on one physical server, all that data still has to go through the same I/O channel. Techniques like virtual I/O are designed to overcome this problem, but can only be properly implemented within the greater context of overall network consolidation and convergence. In the end, most enterprises tend to limit consolidation while these greater structural issues are hammered out.

"Storage Capacity --The same dynamic is hitting the storage farm as well. Despite what you hear about "storage virtualization," there is no way to repurpose storage capacity that is already holding data. At best, you can reduce the number of duplicate files scattered throughout the data center and improve nearline performance by updating backup and archiving processes. But it stands to reason that more VMs will generate more data, which will require more storage and better management."

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