Microsoft's Red Hat Virtualization Drivers: What Took so Long?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 4, 2010

Microsoft's drivers, tested to work with Red Hat and SUSE, were first submitted back in July 2009. The set of drivers allow production versions of Red Hat to run on Hyper-V. Network World says they do have limitations, but this is progress nonetheless.

Microsoft recently released a set of drivers that allow production versions of Red Hat to run on Hyper-V.

"With much fanfare, Microsoft first submitted said drivers to the Linux kernel way back in July (its first, and so far only, contribution to Linux, for obvious reason). Those drivers were already tested to work with Red Hat and, of course, SUSE. And in October, Red Hat and Microsoft announced that they were joining each other's virtualization partnership programs, and validated that their products worked on each other's virtual machines. So what took Microsoft so long to release these Red Hat drivers to the public?

"That's one of the questions I put to Microsoft's Vijay Tewari, principal program manager with the Windows Virtualization Team. In short, the delay was caused by one issue: the two companies hadn't worked out a deal on who would support the Red Hat operating system if it was running as a Hyper-V guest. The support issue was solved a couple of weeks ago (and I'm getting to the details on that in a minute) and hence the drivers were made public."

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