IBM Innovates Servers Again

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Posted Mar 4, 2010

With its eX5 line of servers, IBM shows it has returned to the world of x86 server innovation. As mentioned in this ZDNET Blog, it is a nice change as there seemed to be no significant differentiation in IBM’s fourth generation of System x servers from the average x86 server in the 1-4 socket segment.

IBM has returned to the world of x86 server innovation with eX5 line.

"Now with the eX5 line, IBM appears to be back. We're by no means declaring victory for this round of servers but acknowledging the positive change. Much of what was announced was either present before but not well marketed (some of Director’s, Tivoli Provisioning Manager&'s or Open Fabric Manager’s capabilities), or catchup (Virtual Fabric versus HP Flex Fabric, for example), where others are moves ahead. It's the combination of Max5 for high capacity memory configurations and FlexNode to partitioning systems for licensing purposes that should be the most eye-catching for infrastructure and operations professionals."

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