Pano Logic to Virtualizes the Desktop with no Moving Parts

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 4, 2010

Organizations often connect data center servers to existing PCs, sometimes resorting to thin clients. The little gray Pano Logic box is about 3.5 inches square and stands about two inches tall and can pick up the virtualized desktop activity and return the input to the server. As noted on Information Week, the Pano Device contains no processor, no memory, no device drivers, no software, no firmware, no operating system, and no moving parts of any kind.

The little 'paperweight' box, when running on the data center server, can optimize the use of network bandwidth.

"On Feb. 24, Pano Logic published the specifications for the Pano Device to prove there was no CPU in it. It challenged other virtual desktop suppliers to do the same. 'Zero client desktop virtualization will radically transform desktop computing for IT management,' said Pano Logic CEO John Kish at the time.

"What's the benefit of this? The most obvious one is that the virtualized desktop device doesn't require much capital investment or use much power -- about 3.5 watts, according to Pano Logic. That of course doesn't count the energy that will be needed to run powerful servers that are going to be needed in the data center to host the virtual desktops and do all the display processing. Some desktop virtualization schemes assign the end user device a share of the video display processing, to take advantage of the intelligence at the end user's device."

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