Linux Servers are Doing Just Fine

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 3, 2010

A recent IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker indicates that Windows is top-notch for servers, but as pointed out on the Cyber Cynic Blog, IDC is not measuring what server operating systems are being used; it's measuring what server operating systems people are buying, and those are bundled with their hardware purchases. This may not be a real look at the data center and server world today.

Industry measurements for server operating systems are based what OS people buy bundled with hardware, not what is being used.

"What IDC is measuring is fine for looking at the traditional server sales market of Windows versus Unix. There, people tend to buy Windows or Solaris servers as a package deal. But that's not how the real data center and server world works today.

"Today, many businesses buy generic x86 servers and then add Linux to them. Many of the companies I know have made Linux servers out of older servers or workstations. Still others buy cheap new x86 servers without any operating system and then put a free Linux distribution on them."

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