Increased Server Sales Could Mean More Data Center Renovations

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 3, 2010

According to this Data Center Journal article all signs point to growth. Increased server sales and falling server equipment prices of server equipment is good news for companies interested in construction a new data center or in renovating an existing data center.

A number of factors could make increased data center construction and renovations increasingly likely.

"Balancing the need to renovate aging data centers is the drive toward outsourcing of computing and storage resources. Some companies may find this approach appealing, especially if their current data centers have depreciated to the point that renovation and new construction costs are becoming comparable. Thus, even falling server prices will not be enough in all cases to fuel renovation instead of outsourcing. Nevertheless, as mentioned previously, someone has to provide the resources if other companies are going to outsource. Thus, large compute and storage service providers are likely to pick up some of the slack left by companies that reduce or eliminate reliance on their own data centers."

Read the Full Story at Data Center Journal

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