Virtualization on Latest x86 Can Frustrate IT Pros

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 3, 2010

Memory management features and virtualization capabilities in the latest x86 processors are seen by IT Pros as complex and challenging. As noted in this Search DataCenter article, one issue is that single IT staff members do cover a lot of jobs, making it increasingly difficult to track data center issues as they arise.

From chip manufacturers to operating system vendors to virtualization software providers, everyone offers features to optimize memory capacity.

"'Not only am I the VMware administrator, but I'm also the network engineer, systems engineer, SAN administrator, and I share a security administrator role,' said Kendrick Coleman, a VMware administrator at a nonprofit in the Louisville area. 'That's a lot of different hats to wear, and I try to spend at least part of my day reading articles and blogs that focus on all aspects of my job.'

"Coleman recently ran into a problem with a memory management feature. In x86 processors, the trend is to build memory management features into the silicon. Intel's Xeon 5500, or Nehalem series, has them, as do AMD Opteron processors using Rapid Virtualization Indexing, also called RVI. But some IT pros running VMware ESX on this hardware have encountered what at first glance appears to be a memory allocation problem."

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