Data Center Cloud Disaster Recovery

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 1, 2010

As the data center looks to cloud computing, disaster recovery or cloud recovery presents a new challenge. According to this ReadWriteCloud report, most recovery options are traditional backup solutions with little or no ability to actually recover in the cloud.

Dealing with disaster recovery in a data center cloud environment.

"At a more conceptual level, cloud computing abstracts away all the undifferentiated IT tasks. Most businesses don't add any value to their customers or create any competitive advantage for themselves when they buy, build, configure, and manage servers and storage. This is doubly true for disaster recovery equipment and data centers.

"For companies planning their first disaster recovery data center, with the associated selection, build, and maintenance tasks for servers, storage, and networking, cloud computing seems like an obvious fit. They can trade the capital expense that buys them no new value, for a no-commitment operating expense that probably buys better operating practices than they could achieve themselves."

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