Microsoft Expects Cloud Revenue Two Years Out

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 26, 2010

Microsoft Corp says that the vendor’s Windows Server and SQL Server lines will continue to drive the biggest share of the company’s revenue growth in the next two to three years, after which its investments in cloud computing should begin to pay off. As noted in this IT Channel Planet report, Microsoft said that customer curiosity is what currently prompts cloud computing opportunities.

Windows Server and SQL Server are big revenue drivers but security and developer tools are growing.

"Microsoft only recently began charging for its Azure cloud computing platform, and Muglia said that in the short term the vendor isn’t looking for any noticeable revenue from the segment.

"'There's a great deal of interest, there's also a great deal of confusion around all of the aspects of the cloud, because when people talk about cloud, it really is a next generation way of doing computing that covers a great deal of territory,' he said.

"'The cloud will have less financial impact in the short-run than some might think, but have more long-term impact on the company and on the industry than I think most people are anticipating,' he said."

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