Citrix Shares Virtualized Enterprise Vision

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 25, 2010

Despite the maturity of its XenServer product, analysts say Citrix is playing catch-up. VMware is on top and Microsoft is gearing up its virtualization efforts with Hyper-V. According to Computer World, other enterprise software vendors see XenServer as running in third place and plan to commit fewer resources to qualifying their solutions for it.

Citrix is best known for XenApp but industry analysts say Citrix is playing catch-up.

"Citrix is best known for XenApp, its application virtualization software. The company also offers popular load balancing, online meeting and remote support tools. In 2007, Citrix bought XenSource and its commercial version of the open-source server virtualization software Xen (now XenServer).

"Started by ex-IBM staffers in 1989, when companies were moving from mainframes to personal computers, Citrix made its coin with software that would deliver applications to end users over the network. Today, 'on the application virtualization front, it remains Citrix's market to lose,' says James Staten, a principal analyst at Forrester Research."

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