Happy 15th Birthday Apache HTTP Server!

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 24, 2010

As noted by Sean Michael Kerner on Netstat -vat, it is time to celebrate 15 years of the Apache HTTP Server not to be confused with the recent 10th birthday of Apache. While Apache HTTP Server is commonly referred to as just Apache, it pre-dates the Apache Software Foundation by five years.

This special anniversary marks the birth of the Apache HTTP Server.

"Apache HTTP is one of the most important open source projects of all time, having dominated the web serving landscape since 1994 and now powering approximately 112 million sites. The birth of the web as we know it today, it's early adoption and it's current success is in part thanks to the success of Apache HTTP.

"It was on February 23, 1994, 15 years ago today that the Apache 'new-httpd' mailing list was started a 'fork' of the NCSA httpd web server. The first Apache release (officially numbered Apache (0.2) was released nearly a month later on March 18th, 1994."

Read the Full Story at Netstat -vat

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