BlueLock Announces Cloud Computing Solutions

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 23, 2010

The BlueLock CloudSuite is a set of cloud computing solutions offer users a range from self-service all the way to tailored and expertly-managed enterprise environments. As noted in this story, the solution offers Bluelock Virtual Private Cloud, a fully managed private cloud environment that can be installed either at the user's data center or inside the Bluelock facility.

The company claims its BlueLock CloudSuite is tailored to meet the needs of individual applications.

"John Qualls, president and CEO of BlueLock, said: 'The BlueLock CloudSuite was developed with the understanding that every application has different needs, so rather than force-fitting your application into a cloud, you can pick and choose the right solution for higher efficiency and performance at the right price.'

"No single cloud computing option will suit all companies. Some require simple cloud computing solutions, while others require complex ones. BlueLock's CloudSuite is an array of public and private cloud computing solutions, which believes firmly in 'no one size fits all.'"

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