Virtualization Issues: People, Process, and Technology

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 22, 2010

It's quite common for a company to become tripped up on its way to adopting virtualization technologies, especially when expectations don't meet its ability to aggressively adopt virtualization. This Tech News World report goes in-depth to discuss the complex hurdles organizations face when expanding the use of virtualization.

Enterprises faces a number of challenges when adopting a large-scale virtualization solution.

"These gaps can involve issues around people, process and technology, and often all three in some combination. Process refinement, proper methodological involvement, and swift problem management often provide proven risk reduction and provide surefire ways of avoiding pitfalls as virtualization use moves to higher scale.

"The goal becomes one of a lifecycle orchestration and governed management approach to virtualization efforts so that the business outcomes, as well as the desired IT efficiencies, are accomplished."

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