RoweBots Shrinks Network Server into Small Microcontroller

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 18, 2010

RoweBots Research Inc. has released Unison Operating System Version 5. The new solution shrinks intelligent network servers and services into small and powerful micro-controllers. According to the company's press release, on PR Newswire, The Unison Operating System offers an ultra tiny embedded POSIX environment for 32 bit micro-controller (MCU) based development that is also Linux compatible.

According to the company, a Web server can fit inside any device.

"Unison supports lean product development and extends the range of processors that can run POSIX from powerful MCUs with external memory to small system on chip (SOC) MCUs. For the first time, users can develop all embedded products on common POSIX application programming interfaces (APIs) . This common POSIX API reduces training, eliminates rework, and facilitates software component reuse, directly reducing development time, costs and risk.

"As MPUs shrink, all of these functions and an application can run in a few cubic millimeters in a SoC. You can put intelligent devices anywhere – in your home appliances and networks, in your clothes and jewelry, in your clean tech lighting, HVAC and power generation systems, in your car or inside your factory. Where we place intelligent devices is only limited by people's imagination."

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