The Challenges of Standardizing Cloud Computing

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 17, 2010

Outsourcing infrastructure and data through cloud computing is a flexible option, but as pointed out in this Forbes special report, the trend lines point to areas that are much murkier than most executives have considered.

What happens when businesses begin outsourcing the technology that has been defined by their processes?

"Clouds require more standard implementations of applications than many companies have used in the past. The economics of clouds are all built on standardization because that's the only way a company can stay current with technology, add or subtract capacity as needed and move applications around from one cloud provider to the next. Service provider lock-in is not an option.

"Standardization has allowed some companies to grow very quickly--particularly those that can take advantage of the economies of scale that standardization provides. It also reduces some companies to 'me-too' players, where it becomes an enormous struggle to differentiate one from the next. That, in turn, dramatically raises the cost of doing business."

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