Cloud Computing Perceptions and Conflict

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 16, 2010

Vendor wars make for a great story, and often we get caught up in the story and forget that one winner can quickly become the next big loser. As organizations look towards embracing cloud Computing, CIO suggests we may see enormous conflict about the technical pros and cons of cloud computing that are motivated by the perception of infinite scalability, lack of a long-term commitment, and pay-by-use characteristics.

Existing processes and organizational structures need to change to support a new era of automated management.

"Much is made of the magic of Amazon Web Services -- fill out a web page, hit a button, and 10 minutes later, you've got computing resources available. Even more impressive, you can obtain large amounts with that request. And later, should you need even more resources to be added to your original pool, they're easily requested and joined to the existing resources. This is the vision that many find so tantalizing, given today's lengthy provisioning cycle, which in many companies results in months-long gaps between request and resource availability. Many think removing all the friction of resource provisioning is a huge win. One might think of this change as the logical extension of the view that hardware has been transformed from a scarce, expensive resource into a cheap, easily purchased commodity -- the logical outcome of which is the need to treat provisioning it like a mass good, not a precious luxury.

"Perhaps less obvious is the implications of this vision -- that existing processes and organizational structures need to change to support this new mode of automated management."

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