Virtualization Management is More than Tools

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 16, 2010

Virtualization changes almost every aspect an operational framework by removing or reducing the physical link between hardware and software. According to this Information Week report, virtualization has also redefined failover plans and ushered in a new model for disaster recovery and high availability, but one of the biggest oversights we see is companies forgetting to account for increased licensing costs.

If your organization was poorly run before virtualization, virtualizing likely will make it worse.

"A framework such as ITIL offers a strong starting point to improve IT management and tackle the bigger-picture issues such as staff consolidation. Short of that, a first step any company can take is to build out a 'most likely' model of how an operation will run after the virtualization wave. If you're well into virtualization, look down the road at how virtualization will expand and use that to force a discussion of the model IT operation.

"It's not an academic exercise because it will force the vision of one team. Virtualization at its truest form separates the hardware from the software layer, so there should no longer be a mainframe, Unix, X86, desktop, or cloud team. The resistance to the 'one team' approach, though, is strong."

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