Mobile Apps Invade the Enterprise

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 12, 2010

This year organizations are looking to boost network security and invest in enterprise-class security controls in preparation for new mobile marketplaces. According to ZDNet, moving into 2010, enterprises will be looking to app marketplaces for a wider selection of mobile office apps, aided by the proliferation of smartphone devices.

Enterprise-friendly servers and security controls help control third-party mobile apps.

"Gary Chan, developer relations manager for Forum Nokia, Asia-Pacific, said mobile marketplaces provide enterprises with a wealth of apps to discover and try. However, he noted that businesses looking to implement apps that tap deeper into the back-end network should use a systems integrator or reseller to help roll out the app. Nokia works with developers to enable such models, he added.

"Wade added that RIM's BlackBerry smartphones have enterprise-friendly security controls meant to help IT managers limit workers' access to the corporate network. On the backend, BlackBerry Enterprise Server allows companies to control third-party apps on smartphones, he said."

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