TonidoPlug for for Internet and Networking Applications

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Posted Feb 11, 2010

TonidoPlug is a good choice for those looking to create a firewall in a lab, or even a portable server that could move between schools for troubleshooting or serving up multimedia. According to ZD Net's Christopher Dawson, the TonidoPlug default stack provides users with the ability to share files in any attached USB device. Sharing can range from simple network attached storage to sharing files on other computers in your network, either with each other or outside the network.

"The inside sharing piece is fairly straightforward and the web interface to the little box is relatively intuitive. This isn’t for the average end user who just keeps looking for that “Any” key when they want to continue. However, for a school needing to share media and content easily or for someone looking to tap into that personal cloud idea without needing to consult Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on hardware requirements for their home server, the TonidoPlug rocks out loud. This software stack, by the way, is actually called Tonido and can be purchased separately if you already bought one of those Marvell Plugs."

TonidoPlug, for the education market and prosumers provides network attached and inexpensive web server.

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