Dell: Virtualization and Cloud Computing on same Continuum

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Posted Feb 10, 2010

When it comes to Dell's enterprise strategy, Paul Prince, CTO says the company is operating under the umbrella theme of the efficient enterprise. In this special feature interview, Information Week says that Dell's 'Efficient Enterprise' strategy is applying processing, storage, and network connectivity solutions to the not-insignificant problem of getting the best data center bang for the buck.

Dell's Enterprise Product Group CTO talks about virtualization, cloud computing, and the efficient enterprise.

"Prince: Yeah, that's absolutely right. From the customers' point of view, there's a need to get more efficient and more automated. You want not just silos of servers, storage and networking, but to treat it as a holistic concept in the data center.

"Our competitors will say the same thing. Where we differ from them strongly is that, when I say we want to offer servers and storage and networking, we want to offer our customers choice. We've made announcements about [networking] relationships with Brocade and with Juniper.

"Of course, we continue to sell into environments where customers choose Cisco as their networking provider. So we're not trying to lock out any particular vendor--we're trying to bring the best of breed. Sometimes that will be a Dell-branded solution, other times it won't be and we'll have to integrate our pieces of the solution in with those from other vendors."

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