Will High-end x86 Impact Declining Unix Server Sales?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 10, 2010

With a number of new high-end x86 server announcements this month, the industry expects this to have little or no impact on reviving the already declining sales of Unix servers. As noted on Computer World, The Unix market — including hardware and applications — is considered to be flat or falling with the onslaught of x86 servers into the server arena.

The high-end x86 blitz is not expected to revive or further hinder already declining Unix server sales.

"A lot of customers are switching to x86 servers because of lower hardware and software costs attached to acquiring and maintaining the systems, said Jim McGregor, technology strategist at In-Stat. Unix servers may offer better system performance, but they are relevant for a limited set of applications, McGregor said. Comparatively, the x86 servers have broken away from their reputation as weak performers and are now capable of running a plethora of high-end applications, McGregor said.

"The Unix market remains a niche for tasks like financial processing that require high-end performance, McGregor said. Some companies invest a lot in the software for Unix servers and may stick with the existing infrastructure instead of switching to x86 servers."

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