Kerio Connect Links Servers Supports Distributed Domain System

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Posted Feb 10, 2010

While companies frequently use separate messaging servers in geographically dispersed offices, some collaboration features are lost without the use of a single collaboration server. The new Kerio Connect 7 (previously known as Kerio MailServer) gives customers an option to link standalone servers into a single distributed domain system.  According to the news report on CNN Money, Kerio Connect 7 allows companies to join their Kerio Connect servers into a single geographically dispersed cluster with servers aware of each other's user groups, individual user's availability, or shared resources such conference rooms.

The new Kerio Connect 7 messaging server now gives customers the option to link standalone servers into a single distributed domain system.

"'We support a significant number of clients with multiple offices around the world,' says Kevin Klein, CEO of 318 Inc., a value-added reseller and Kerio Preferred Partner in Santa Monica, California. 'The new distributed domain feature will enable 318, Inc. to delegate management of a server at each location, while keeping everything under the same domain. This provides an enhanced level of support, scalability and reliability that is in alignment with the needs of our most savvy clients that have chosen Kerio Connect.'

"The management of distributed domains is an integral part of a newly introduced web-based Administration Console, providing complete remote management of Kerio Connect 7 from any modern browser."

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