IBM launches Power7 Enterprise Servers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 9, 2010

IBM has unveiled four new servers based on the new Power7 processor. As reported on Information Week, the new servers were built from the ground up to withstand the data demands of a world envisioned by the company's Smarter Planet campaign, where everything is connected to everything.

Starting with 'This is not a chip announcement,' IBM launched its new Power7-based servers at a press conference in Manhattan.

"'This is not a chip announcement,' insisted Rodney Adkins, senior VP for IBM's Systems and Technology Group, at a press conference at Manhattan's opulent Mandarin Oriental hotel.

"Adkins said the Power7 processor is just one part, though a key one, of a new family of IBM servers designed for a world where everything from toasters to 747s are computerized and online—and businesses will have to deal with all that data.

"'Computing is becoming a lot more pervasive,' said Adkins, noting IBM expects there'll be a trillion connected objects on the planet by next year. Financial institutions, healthcare providers, and other organizations will have to handle and make sense of the resulting information tsunami and will "require a new type of performance" from there hardware to do so, said Adkins."

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