A Look at Intel's Westmere EP Server Processor

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 8, 2010

Set to launch in March, Intel's Westmere-EPs add more cores and more on chip cache compared to to last year's quad-core Nehalem-EP Xeon 5500 processors. A 'sneak peek' preview on The Register details the chips in-depth and says we can expect to see Intel will deliver four-core variants of these chips.

The The Westmere-EP chips add two more cores to the processor and support Turbo Boost.

"The two-core Westmere mobile chips also have a dedicated and power-sipping static RAM on the chip saves the state of the cores so on chip caches can be powered down when not in use. (Why the server variants of Westmere do not also have this SRAM state cache is unclear, but apparently it does not).

"The Westmere-EP chips implement Intel's HyperThreading variant of simultaneous multithreading, which gives each core two virtual threads to present to the operating system or hypervisor running atop the chip. The Westmere chips also have new cryptographic instructions that implement the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm for encrypting and decrypting data."

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