Apache to Offer Final Release of 1.3 Branch

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 5, 2010

First released back in June 1998, HTTP Sever version 1.3 is grinding to a halt. With the exception of future updates for critical security fixes, this will be the final release of the 1.3 branch. As reported on The Register, one reason for ending the branch is due to changes in technology and the Internet during the 12 years since 1.3, and it is no longer a 'best of breed' Web server.

The Apache Software Foundation has released the final release of the 1.3 branch, HTTP Sever 1.3.42.

Project management committee chairman William Rowe, meanwhile, said it was also impractical for volunteer organizations like ASF - just like commercial entities - to maintain a large number of parallel releases. 'Users needs to track the versions that attract the attention of active development (and active developers),' Rowe told us.

"Version 2 of Apache's server was a significant re-write of 1.3. The API was rewritten to prevent many of the problems with module ordering and priority. Improved support for non-Unix platforms was added along with smart filtering, support for IPv6 and multiple protocols."

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