Facebook Data Centers Look to 100-Gigabit Ethernet

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 4, 2010

The company's growing bandwidth needs show a trend in network traffic growth that a number of enterprises are trying to address. In a PC World report, Facebook Engineer Donn Lee said that Facebook has so many servers, and those servers can process data so fast, that they could fill 64 Terabit Ethernet pipes in the backbone of one data center.

The company sees a need for 100-Gigabit Ethernet, some upgrades need 1 Terabit.

"Facebook's data centers already need 100-Gigabit Ethernet and ideally could use 1-Terabit Ethernet, according to a senior network engineer at the company.

"The popular social-networking service's growing bandwidth needs reflect the explosion in overall network traffic that enterprises and technology companies are trying to address, according to speakers at the Ethernet Alliance's Technology Exploration Forum, held Tuesday in Santa Clara.

"Facebook builds its own data centers out of many identical low-cost servers, linked via standard Ethernet, and pools their processing power to run its core applications. The network fabric that links those systems is a critical piece of the infrastructure, Facebook Engineer Donn Lee told the Ethernet gathering."

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