Intel, IBM to Launch New Server Chips Next Monday

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 4, 2010

IBM plans to launch its new Power7-based servers in New York next Monday. The new chips will have up to eight cores and offer from two to three times the performance of systems. According to The Register, Intel has planned the Tukwila launch in San Francisco for the very same day. The news report calls the two launches a big push in to the server processor arena for the rivals.

Both companies will announce new server quad-core processors on Monday — neither admits to knowing the other picked the same day to do so.

"IBM is expected to roll out some of the updated Power Systems line on Monday, with a rolling thunder gradual release through 2010. The word on the street was that the initial Power7 machines were expected in May, but IBM seems to have moved them up to better compete for news and dollars with impending chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

"According to sources at Intel, the chip maker was unaware that IBM was planning its Power7 launch for February 8 when it scheduled the Tukwila launch in San Francisco for the same day. At the event, Kirk Skaugen, vice president of Intel's Architecture Group, will be joined by Martin Fink, general manager for Business Critical Servers within Hewlett-Packard's Enterprise Storage, Servers, and Networking Group. HP, of course, accounts for the vast majority of sales and shipments of Itanium-based systems and is technically a co-development partner for the Itanium design."

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