Google Web Server Runs 11 Million Active Sites

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Posted Feb 1, 2010

The Google Web Server (GWS), a custom-built server that runs on Linux and used only by Google runs nearly 11 million active sites. As reported on The Register, this number only slightly trails Microsoft servers — available to anyone — with 14 million active sites.

According to Netcraft, Google's custom-built server software runs nearly 13 per cent of all active Web sites.

"Netcraft data has the Google Web Server (GWS) running nearly 11 million active sites - i.e., sites with recently updated content. This total includes not only sites run solely by Google, but also sites the company operates on behalf of third parties via services like Blogger, Google Docs, and Google App Engine.

"Apache is still the most prevalent web server, with nearly 44m active sites, and Microsoft servers are second with nearly 14m. But the Google Web Server tops all others and trails Microsoft by a mere 3m sites - despite being unavailable for use outside what Mountain View has called 'the Google Network,' a worldwide proprietary infrastructure that amounts to a private internet."

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