Azure Cloud Services for Less than a Dollar an Hour

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Posted Jan 29, 2010

The free month for Azure services will come to an end when the calendar flips to February. The pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model that considers an organization's total consumption. According to InformationWeek, a virtualized Windows Server ranges from 12 cents to 96 cents per hour, depending on CPU and related resources.

Microsoft will start charging customers for its Azure Cloud Service on February first. Standard rates for a virtualized Windows Server ranges from 12 cents to 96 cents per hour.

"Will Microsoft's cloud be cheaper than on-premises Windows servers? Every scenario is different, but many customers do stand to save money by moving certain IT workloads from their own hardware and facilities to Azure, says Tim O'Brien, Microsoft's senior director of platform strategy. Early adopters such as Kelley Blue Book and Domino's Pizza are saving 'millions,' O'Brien says. He admits, however, that Microsoft's cloud services may actually cost more than on-premises IT in some cases.

"Microsoft continues to get many questions from industry analysts on how it will make money in cloud services, given its 30-year history of selling software licenses at high margins. O'Brien says the answer is that Microsoft stands to gain a higher percentage of a company's overall IT spend, rather than just the money that went toward software licensing."

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