The Future of Web Hosting is in the Cloud

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jan 28, 2010

Several hosting providers have announced their entry in to the cloud computing market. Data Center Knowledge discusses how cloud computing is disrupting traditional hosting models and reshaping the competitive landscape.

Cloud computing is reshaping the role of traditional Web hosting.

"At HostingCon in August, Rackspace Cloud General Manager Emil Sayegh predicted that cloud computing will bring major change for the web hosting industry. 'Over the next for five years, shared hosting as we know it will be made obsolete by the cloud,' said Sayegh. 'I firmly believe it. What we need to think about is an environment in which cloud computing and dedicated servers coexist.'

"Sayegh's predictions appear to be already taking shape. Web hosting firm Liquid Web recently launched its Storm on Demand infrastructure-as-a-service offering. Liquid Web CEO and Founder Matthew Hill says Storm is comparable to Amazon’s EC2 'but more user-friendly. Users can take a running server, resize it online and continue resizing as growth demands,' Hill says. Customers are billed hourly."

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