Eucalyptus Enterprise Server Hits 15,000 Download per Month

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Posted Jan 26, 2010

Since November 2009 Eucalyptus Systems has seen the download numbers for its open source Eucalyptus Enterprise Server grow from 8,500 to 15,000 per month. Part of the reason for the spike in downloads, according to InformationWeek is the release of Canonical Ubuntu 9.1 with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud features.

Open source Eucalyptus Enterprise Server download numbers increase since the Ubuntu 9.10 release.

"Woody Rollins, CEO and co-founder of Eucalyptus Systems, said license orders for large companies also turned upward in November and December. "We are selling more licenses to large companies, some with multi-year support contracts," he noted.

"Rollins noted that Eucalyptus Systems "hardened its product roadmap" to bring out additional enterprise products in beta by the end of the first quarter and make them generally available products by the end of the second quarter. Perhaps even more important, in September 2009, Eucalyptus announced the first support for VMware's virtual machines as opposed to those built to run in the Amazon Web Services' Elastic Compute Cloud."

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