Apple iOS Mobile File Management for IBM i Server

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 7, 2011

Lansa has announced LongReach, an Apple iOS mobile application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices that provides file and folder creation, management and secure data transfer between mobile devices and IBM i servers. As noted in this Lansa news release, files and folders can be created on the mobile device or on the server and can be synchronized securely between the two.

"LongReach allows organizations to extend data collection tasks for LOB applications into the mobile world at the location of the data source. For example, a vehicle crash repair quotation process fits easily with LongReach. An insurance assessor, allocated to assess a crashed vehicle, downloads all pertinent information for the job to a mobile device from a corporate server via LongReach. The assessor then uses the mobile device to record video of the damage, take photos, make notes and record a voice memo. All these files can then be transferred to the server with a notification of delivery for immediate action by a LOB application."

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