An Early Look at Windows Server 8

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted November 3, 2011

Windoes Server "8" (quote on the codename) is considered to be Microsoft's biggest attempt at recasting Windows Server. As noted in this Windows Server 8 preview on Paul Thurrott's Supersite for windows, Server 8 is about bringing the centralized management of server infrastructure to the on premise (and hybrid, or cross premise") world. This work began with Windows Azure.


"Microsoft has identified four key areas of advance in Server 8--virtualization, centralized server management, modern workforce, and a new app platform--and while that all fits very nicely on a PowerPoint slide, I see things a bit differently.

"The big ticket item, as noted previously, is the centralization of server management through the proverbial single pane of glass, which sounds simple enough. But it's a bit deeper than just that. In previous Windows Server releases, Microsoft provide two key technologies that virtually no customers actually use (and yes, they have the telemetry to prove it): Server Core and PowerShell. So naturally, Server 8 is basically a giant bet on those two technologies.

"Don't take that cynically, because like motorcycle helmet laws, this really is a case where people need to be protected against their own bad decisions. In the case of Server Core, admins have been reluctant for two basic reasons: Server Core supports only a limited set of roles and features (and can't be upconverted to "full" Server version) and is hard to use, thanks to its command line interface. But there was a germ of genius in Server Core, because we're not really supposed to sit in front of a server (physically or, via Remote Desktop, logically) to administer it. That's inefficient."

Read the Full "Windows Server "8" Preview (Unedited, Complete Version)" Story at Paul Thurrott's Supersite for windows

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