AMD to Focus on Server Business

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted November 30, 2011

AMD (NYSE: AMD) says plans to focus more on its server business which is a higher-margin business than its chips for desktops and laptops. As reported on ZDNet, AMD stated that its computing-solutions segment, which includes server processors, reached US$1.3 billion, and was partially driven by double-digit growth in server-processor revenue.


"Greg Poole, director of field applications engineering at AMD, told ZDNet Australia's sister site ZDNet Asia in an interview on Tuesday that making chips for desktops and laptops is its fundamental business.

"'If you look at the client-computing business, which could be considered as our 'bread and butter', I'd say we have substantially more revenue generated from the client business, including desktops and notebooks,' he said."

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