A Small Business Owner's Guide to Server Virtualization

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted October 13, 2011

Server virtualization is one of the most popular tech trends going today, and it seems as though everybody is jumping on the small business virtualization bandwagon. In this small business guide to virtualization, Small Business Computing explains the associated benefits and drawbacks, whether it makes financial sense, and which small businesses should go for it.


"Server virtualization is really all about gaining more from what you have. It allows companies to make one server act as five, ten or even twenty virtual servers. The need to do so has become more apparent as processors have become far more powerful in recent years.

"Small businesses benefit from server virtualization by not having to buy more servers. Another plus is consolidating many physical servers onto one. This means that some small businesses can dispense with several of their existing machines and load everything onto one server -- or move from 20 physical servers down to a few. This means less time spent on maintenance and less money spent on powering multiple servers.

"According to a recent survey by CDW, 25 percent of small businesses have virtualized at least some of their servers. Among small businesses that have not yet implemented server virtualization, 73 percent report they are investigating or planning to deploy the technology."

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