2012 Cloud Computing Predictions

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 2, 2011

IDC and Gartner have both rolled out their latest cloud computing and big data predictions and statistics this week. As reorted in this GigaOM article, some predictions are bold, while others might have you saying "Duh."


"On cloud computing: '[In 2012,] 80% of new commercial enterprise apps will be deployed on cloud platforms' (IDC). Eighty percent seems like a very high number, but without having read the report, it’s tough to gauge how accurate this prediction might be. If IDC is defining commercial as being customer-facing, and enterprise apps include even those apps by web startups, 80 percent might be perfectly reasonable. The percentage of apps deployed on the cloud will certainly rise as startups launch and use cloud platforms almost exclusively. And enterprises deploying new, non-mission-critical apps or apps not containing sensitive data (e.g., web sites and mobile apps) certainly are looking more at cloud-based options."

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