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2012 Cloud Computing Predictions
Analysts predict 2012 to be a busy year for Cloud and big data.

Facebook Plans More Powerful Servers for Data Centers
Facebook will use Servers Based on Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer.

SolarWinds Releases Free Virtualization Monitoring Tool
SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor targets storage IO problems caused by server virtualization in real time.

Egnyte HybridCloud Removes Need for Seperate FTP Server
End-users can upload and share large files directly into shared and private folders securely.

Veeam Protects Windows Server Hyper-V
Veeam Backup & Replication v6 adds support for Hyper-V and enhancements for VMware vSphere.

Winchester Details New High Availability Failover Servers
Two servers in one unit run applications simultaneously.

AMD to Focus on Server Business
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) plans to focus more on its higher-margin server business.

RIM Server Upgrade Secures iPad, Android Devices
A new BlackBerry Enterprise Server upgrade will accommodate iPhones and iPads.

VMware Ends Mac OS X Client Virtualization
VMware has reversed course on this new feature in Fusion 4.1.1.

Centrix WorkSpace Universal Provides Secure Application Portability
WorkSpace Universal also integrates with 2X Application server from 2X Software.

Red Hat is HP Odyssey Potential Winner
The most logical migration strategy is from HP-UX to Red Hat rather than Windows.

Worldwide x86 Server Shipments Up
The demand for data centers has increased the need for servers.

Extensible Siri Proxy Server Gives Developers More Control
Apple remains quiet on topic of unauthorized uses of Siri.

Intel Has New Processor for Low-End Server Market
Company markets Pentium-branded low-end server processor.

Rackspace: A Wall Street Darling
Rackspace has taken several initiatives to stay ahead of the cloud computing trend.

The Best Security Assumes All Servers are Compromised
Security expert says old perimeter-based approach no longer works.

AMD Opteron 6200 Processors Boost Dell PowerEdge Servers
Dell offers the AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors in its several models of its rack, blade and ultra-dense PowerEdge servers.

Convirture Open Source Server Tools for Virtualization and Cloud Management
ConVirt is used to manage operating system guests atop Xen or KVM hypervisors.

HP Odyssey Will Unify UNIX and x86 Server Architectures
New development roadmap includes HP Integrity servers, HP NonStop systems and the HP-UX and OpenVMS operating systems.

AMD Bulldozer For Heavily Virtualized Environments
16 cores per CPU (or 64 per four-socket server) plus each CPU can support up to 384 GBs of memory.

KEMP Technologies Named Value Leader for Server Load Balancers
Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) placed KEMP in the Value Leader category in its EMA Radar Report.

The Switch to SSD Servers Will Accelerate
Right now change is slow but it is expected to accelerate as SSD costs drop.

Oracle Says Intel, HP are Keeping Dead Itanium Chip Alive
Oracle files court documents claiming the two are keeping the chip alive -- even though no one wants to buy it.

SGI Announces ICE X High Performance Computing (HPC) Blade Server
ICE X is optimized for technical computing with integrated InfiniBand switch blades for better throughput.

Virtual Private Server Advantages
What you need to know before switching from shared server to virtual private server.

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