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A New Spin on DoS Web Server Attacks
A slow HTTP denial-of-service (DoS) attack drags out the process to overwhelm the server.

NextComputing Announces Nucleus Server For Small Spaces
The small pedestal server is optimized for full-scale server deployments.

Managing a Home-Based Apache Web Server
How to set up a Web server from home using the free Apache web server, running Windows or Linux.

Racemi Unlocks Cloud Server Migration
Racemi Cloud Path is key to removing cloud computing service provider lock-in.

Top Virtualization Backup and Recovery Features
Ten must-have features when looking for a backup and recovery solution for virtual infrastructures.

Data Center Management Tips: Budgeting For 2012
There are a number of areas for data center budgeting that are worth reviewing for the new year.

Internap Acquires Enterprise Cloud Services Provider Voxel
Voxel provides on-demand dedicated hosting and cloud services to enterprises and web-centric businesses.

Microsoft To Open Azure Cloud Platform to Linux VMs
Early reports claim Microsoft will let customers host Linux, SharePoint and SQL Servers on its Azure cloud platform.

Minkels Announces New Server Room Rack PDUs
The VariconPower line of products intelligent Rack PDUs provide energy efficiency in server rooms.

Asetek Offers Data Centers Liquid Cooling Solutions
Asetek liquid cooling technology removes heat from processors and moves it to a more optimal place in the data center environment.

Cloud Computing Companies to Watch in 2012
10 cloud start-ups that could make it big this year.

IBM to Benefit from Unix Server Market Growth
For the foreseeable future Unix server market growth will be enjoyed by IBM.

2012 Cloud Computing Tech Stocks to Know
2012 tech stocks will be about the cloud.

Mac Mini Lion Server Meets SMB Needs
The Mac mini server offers upgraded processor and increased memory bandwidth.

Scalability Upgrades Free SQL Server 2012 Assistant Tool
The free Upgrade Assistant for SQL Server 2012 (UAFS) tool automates the process of application compatibility testing.

iTRACS Updates Data Center Management Software
New 2.4.1 version offers enhanced Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities.

Trend Micro Leads Server Security Market
Trend Micro maintains lead in the corporate endpoint server security market.

VMware Rules Enterprise Virtualization
Estimates show that VMware holds about 75 percent of the enterprise virtualization market.

PHP 5.4 Tutorial: Built-in Web Server
The PHP 5.4 Web server is intended for development purposes.

Beta Test Announced for Cascade Server 7.0
New version of the CMS software introduces several major new features.

Expect a Fundamental Change in Server Architecture
Low-power processors like ARM could be in in data centers by 2013.

Custom Cloud Mobile Server Solution Providers
A look at cloud-based back-end mobile server providers for app developers.

Poor Server Replication Is Pricey
Market research shows that poor data replication is a big cost for the enterprise.

1.8 Million Accounts Compromised in Square Enix Server Hack
The target of the attack was a free fan site called Square Enix Members.

The Windows Server 8 Hyper-V Role
How to configure the Hyper-V role for Windows Server 8.

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