7 Sources, 6 Steps -- Your Guide to Riding the Career Wave

By Pam Baker (Send Email)
Posted Oct 22, 2010

When it comes to career advancement, staying abreast of cresting technology trends is critical. CIO Update looks at seven predictors of up and coming technologies and six avenues to help stay abreast of tech changes.

If you want to move up the IT ladder, it is critical to keep an eye on up and coming trends. Here's where to look and how to interpret what you see.

Despite the changing role of CIO, one thing remains the same: the CIO is expected to be the king (or queen) of tech knowledge. It just will not do to be ignorant about a new technology the millennials are bringing to work, or slow to address the perennial "adopt or not to adopt" question in the C-Suite. Being able to champion one tech over another and achieve measurable, desirable results is a direct route to promotion.

It pays to stay ahead of the curve, but how, short of peering into a crystal ball, can you successfully predict what is coming next in the ever-changing fast-paced world of technology?

One of the surest ways to detect what technologies are coming next is to go directly to the R&D hubs. Regular visits to technology transfer offices at universities, labs and government offices will give you an early heads-up. Of course, those visits can often be virtual rather than physical as long as you know where to look.

You might want to begin my finding the technology transfer office at leading universities and simply asking what's new there. But some professionals go beyond this simple inquiry. For instance, Denise Beeson, a small business consultant and SBA loan advisor and an adjunct instructor in the Small Business Management and Marketing Departments at Santa Rosa Junior College, offers these sources as excellent predictors:

1. Federal labs are a good place to look for new technology developments since they receive the most R&D funding by the government. Try using the search engine at www.federallabs.org to see what's out there.

2. Use the search engine at www.uspto.gov to see what technologies have recently been patented and what prior art has been referenced. You will get a name and citation that may be helpful

Read the remaining five indicators (and learn how Beeson accomplishes them) by reading the the full article, "Staying Ahead of the CIO Career Curve" at CIOUpdate.com.

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