4 Steps Every CIO Must Take to Get Ahead

By Pam Baker (Send Email)
Posted Oct 11, 2010

Want that coveted CEO's office and a seat on the jet? CIO Update looks at four resume builders will help make it a reality.

Want to move up in the C-level hierarchy? With these four resume builders, that big corner office you've been dreaming of will be within reach.

Moving from the CIO's seat to the top of the C-Suite is no small feat. It's not a venture won by thrust and feint maneuvers but by cleverly presented tales of fiat accompli on your resume. And it isn't your mastery of technologies that will win the day it's how well you play with others.

"One of the most important things that you can do is highlight work or projects that have been done in conjunction with other non-technical/information related business units," explained Paul Peterson, National Talent Resource Manager, Human Resources at Grant Thornton. "For example, write 'in conjunction with marketing developed strategy that …' or 'co-led finance project to …' The goal is to showcase your understanding of the business outside of your traditional role."

Big Picture Strokes

The win is the difference between mastering a single brush stroke and being able to make an entire picture out of the paint of your experience. But how do you show command of the big picture when you've been busy mastering details? Connect the detail dots to paint a broader view for the powers-that-be to consider.

Take, for example, a data governance program: "If a CIO can articulate the business problems and stakeholders who were served by the program, then the CIO is demonstrating three C-Suite skills: 1) the ability to deliver value from data assets, 2) balancing the needs of business units against the overall health of the enterprise, 3) resisting the allure of technology-based partial fixes in favor of a sustainable, systemic solution," said Gwen Thomas, president and founder of The Data Governance Institute.

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