IT Salary Survey: Truth or Fiction?

By James Maguire (Send Email)
Posted Sep 6, 2010

A recent Glassdoor survey aggregates salary data 90,000 companies. The data is plentiful, but is it accurate? Datamation highlights the survey results while questioning the reliability of data procured from the Internet.

A recent Internet-based survey from Glassdoor compiles salary data from 90,000 companies, but how reliable is it?

Would you believe a list of developer and IT salaries posted on the Internet, anonymously?

Some may scoff, yet plenty of wage slaves have flocked to Glassdoor since it launched in 2008. The site enables users - without publishing their name - to post their salary figure. In exchange they get to see the salary data of other anonymous users.

A Glassdoor PR rep told me that the site now holds “more than a million salary reports, company reviews, and interview questions as well as office photos for more than 90,000 companies.”

Really, office photos? Why upload a photo of your office while providing confidential salary data? Isn't that just a little…odd?

Glassdoor attests to the Internet's ability to break down the walls that hide secrets. Information wants to be free, or so they say. Facebook proves that people have an overwhelming compulsion to share their personal data - sometimes too much so.

But is the information real?

Read the rest of "Are these Developer and IT Salaries Believable? " at Datamation

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