Find the Perfect Employee for That Hard-to-Fill Data Center Job

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Posted Jul 16, 2010

Filling headcount is never easy. Finding the perfect employee for a hard to fill data center job, especially a data center management, is even more difficult. CIO Update explains why you should start you search by looking at the employees already on board. Here's why.

In need of IT talent for that hard-to-fill data center job? Start your search by looking at the people you already have.

Instead of an outright war, smaller less conspicuous battles will be waged for a new class of people -- the neglected warriors of the recession. These people are likely to be recruited away and quickly conferred with the hero status they so richly deserve by their new bosses. These newly minted heroes will help their new organizations thrive as the pace of change continues to escalate; all to your chagrin.

Neglected warriors are people who harnessed their internal energy to successfully drive many initiatives forward during the recession. However, with their good deeds came little or no recognition and IT is full of them. As a leaders you can either sit by and watch as neglected warriors are poached away, or you can be proactive and try to keep them. My Leadership Pulse research shows that being proactive now requires good data and processes to find the neglected warriors and take action before it's too late.

The subset of neglected warriors was discovered through employee engagement research and numerous case studies. Neglected warriors are employees with a high sense of urgency and are compelled to move forward. The diagnostic tool (called Valour) used in the winter 2010 Leadership Pulse study provides an estimate of the prevalence of neglected warriors.

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