Looking for the Data Center Management Job Big Bucks?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 7, 2010

A new report from Glassdoor finds talent can fetch higher paychecks in Northern California, but elevated living expenses may cancel out the gain. Datamation looks at how different cities rate as well as how to decide where to work.

Data center management job may pay the highest salaries in Northern California, but the cost of living expenses there are equally high. How does your city rate, and how should you decide where to live.

Seattle area high-tech firms typically pay less than those in the San Francisco Bay area, although the cost of living is lower in the rainy city. However, both are still out front of tech pay in the rest of the nation.

That's the bottom line according to a new report published by tech employment tracker Glassdoor.

Overall, tech salaries have begun to grow again, if slowly, after two years of declines and stagnation.

Still, potential employees have a lot to consider when making job decisions.

Read the rest of "Tech Work Pays Best in Bay Area, Seattle Second" at Datamation

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